Feather Destructive Behavior – an effective treatment

If you have a parrot that is picking its feathers or mutilating itself — there is hope.



In the video below Dr. Jenkins of the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego, CA, explains why they pick feathers or injure themselves and gives his own time-tested treatment for the condition.

The Chloe Sanctuary has 8 birds that are all feather destructive. Every one of them is on the program and all are in feather today. All regained their feathers (except where the follicles have been damaged on a few birds) after only a short time and many have been on the treatment for years.

This is a science-based approach and requires qualified avian veterinarian supervision. If your vet is unfamiliar with this treatment please point him to this video. Dr. Jenkins is well-known and respected among avian veterinarians and this video should give them all the information that they need to go ahead.This video is free to watch but please consider donating to our cause. It’s expensive to care for our flock of sanctuary birds and these videos take much time and effort (60 hours for the FDB video alone).

Most importantly, we hope that you will find the information that you need in our videos.


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