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Check out our Phoenix Gallery! Pictures and Posters of our beautiful sanctuary birds as premiums for your donations. “And they shall rise again from the ashes of despair.”

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IMG_8792 The Chloe Sanctuary is a scientifically based environment where abused and damaged parrots and cockatoos are healed and given sanctuary, volunteers and caretakers are trained, and the public made aware of these exceptional creatures. Using hands-on education and lectures, seminars and events, we share our knowledge and love for these wild animals.

We use donated funds primarily for veterinary exams or critical procedures, medicine, food (we provide high quality pellets and homemade vegetable, fruit, and grain mash), enrichment items, cages, perches, and flight harnesses.

The cost alone for food for one bird runs about $35 a month. At the moment feeding costs are running us about $450 a month. Veterinary bills average around $3000 to $5000 a year. Avian’s are expensive to vet: an intake exam with all the proper tests runs about $300. Our freestanding perches are in need of replacement and we have cages in need of repair. We make our own enrichment items and that saves us a great deal on toys, which are essential for their mental well-being. A toy that costs $20 in the store we can make for about $2.50. Even with that savings toys for a single bird cost about $20 a month.

Your donation will help us to give proper medical care, food and enrichment items for those in need as we heal their spirits and prepare them for a life among humans.


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