Cockatude a video production

Cockatude is a video production of The Chloe Sanctuary for Parrots and Cockatoos.

These FREE videos are our way of giving our parrot community fun tools to improve their relations with their feathered companions. We have over 85 hours of free videos available for your enjoyment. For a full listing of all of our videos click here.

Have a problem with your parrot? You are not alone. Behavioral issues can almost always be solved using Applied Behavior Analysis (similar to reward training but with a greater number effective tools for every situation). Don’s interaction with our sanctuary birds might make your learning fun.

Don Scott, our founder and executive director, has a certificate of excellence from Dr. Susan Friedman, Ph.D, in parrot behavior training. (You can visit her site at To our knowledge, he is the only person doing videos in a room full of cockatoos free to fly or roam about at will. You can learn as much by watching him deal with problems during a video as from his instruction. Please let us know if you find our videos helpful by emailing us at cockatude@chloesanctuary(dot)org [replace the (dot) with a dot.]

Parrots are complex creatures. Simple solutions are rare. We use scientifically proven methods to help parrots make the right choices that benefit them and their caretakers. You may be able to learn these techniques just by watching, many have!

Grab some popcorn and head to the couch for a fun learning experience!

Click the tabs above to learn more about us. Thank you for visiting our website and good parroting!

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