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The meaning of “Uh uh”

  In college my first infatuation was linguistics, the study of language. I took German, French and Russian all at the same time. One thing that I learned from this experience was that a sentence is a unit of meaning. Verbs, nouns and objects are unnecessary. For example: “Is he […]

Solomon Update

A Seram cockatoo going through adolescence has a tough time. Our job here of late has been helping Solomon deal with common issues involving sexual maturity. Territoriality is a big issue. If they become bonded to a human then many undesirable problems arise: biting, defending territory, sexual behavior, and more. He […]

Peaches, our handicapped Seram cockatoo

Peaches is an amazing cockatoo. She came to us damaged but she certainly doesn’t act like it. After getting over her feathered constructive behavior and being fitted with an environment where she can enjoy playing without raising her head she is thriving. Peaches still requires regular medical attention and daily […]