Our avian friends differ from us in many ways. They don’t even breathe the way we do. This short article explains how a bird breathes. It’s important to know. Just holding a bird can cause it to suffocate if you aren’t aware of these facts.

The avian respiratory system differs from that of mammals. Birds have lungs, air sacs, a syrinx, and their respiration requires two cycles to move a volume of air.

Link: How the Respiratory System of Birds Works


Peaches, our handicapped cockatoo

This article at by Phoebe Greene Linden, SBBF, California, and S.G. Friedman, Ph.D., Utah State University, is an excellent example of applying science to understand a parrot’s behavior. It shows how we can unknowingly teach a bird to behave in certain ways, some of which we enjoy and others no so much. Since repetitive screaming and aggressive biting are not in a wild parrot’s “bag of behaviors” it follows that they must learn it from us humans.

When we learn how to observe, identify, and shape parrot behaviors it helps to make both humans and birds happier!


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