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Peaches the moluccan


Looking for an online resource to learn the basics of ABA to train your bird? This group — not a chat room — is the place to start. Join the group and ask to take the “mini lessons.” You will be assigned a tutor and begin the lessons you need to make your interactions with your feathered companions happier and more fruitful!

This group is where I started years ago on my journey to understanding. It is a journey that I continue to make every day.

ParrotBAS is a group that is managed by Dr. Susan Friedman, Phd. Where else can you begin to learn the science of behavior shaping for free?

Source: ParrotBAS – Yahoo Groups


Peaches, our handicapped cockatoo

This article at by Phoebe Greene Linden, SBBF, California, and S.G. Friedman, Ph.D., Utah State University, is an excellent example of applying science to understand a parrot’s behavior. It shows how we can unknowingly teach a bird to behave in certain ways, some of which we enjoy and others no so much. Since repetitive screaming and aggressive biting are not in a wild parrot’s “bag of behaviors” it follows that they must learn it from us humans.

When we learn how to observe, identify, and shape parrot behaviors it helps to make both humans and birds happier!


Understanding Parrot Behavior | Beauty Of Birds

Cry Baby — A parrot perfectly imitates a baby crying? Why? How can we prevent it?

[Much of this article is written tongue-in-cheek. Nonetheless, I think the gist of the advice is good. It follows behavioral science and guidelines but staggers around a bit like Dean Martin on a bender.] A parrot perfectly imitates a baby crying. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why would a […]