Alternative Medicine can be dangerous.


Alternative Medicine can be deadly. img_1913.jpg

I recently researched scientific studies concerning the use of colloidal silver. Since no research was available concerning parrots I studied abstracts from clinical findings on humans.

Someone asked to be a friend online and from their Facebook page I saw that they are selling colloidal silver for parrots to ingest and to spray on their skin.

Earlier I had determined that this “alternative medicine” was relatively useless as a disinfectant or antibiotic. Horrified,  I reviewed the information in the scientific medicine community and found that silver’s toxicity could even lead to death.

Here is one peer-reviewed summary from UC Davis in the Dermatology Online Journal:

Over the last few decades, there have been several reported problems associated with silver ingestion, including intestinal ulcers and argyria.

To understand the delicate nature of parrot skin this scholarly article will enlighten you:

Just looking at the pictures of the damage done to people by using silver products should stand as a warning to all parrot owners. With no research properly conducted on avians, do not use this product on birds.

All metals can be toxic.

As Tim Minchin said in Storm, “What do they call alternative medicine proven to work? MEDICINE.”

Please research the scientific basis of all remedies for your parrot. A trusted avian vet is the PLACE TO START. Then research in the BSAVA Manual for Psittacine Birds, The Manual of Parrot Behavior, and veterinary summaries and abstracts online.

It has been said that “knowledge is power.” That is true. But sometimes it is also the power of life and death.

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