Cockatude 18, Who’s training whom? Tips and trick to train your parrot. 1

What crazy person would record an episode in a room full of cockatoos? Why wasn’t there an air traffic controller? Cockatude 18, Who’s training whom? Tips and tricks for training cockatoos and parrots. (And surviving a recording session with 10 large cockatoos vying for your attention).

Roman learned to shake during the production of the episode. He’s a quick study.

While the subject of training requires much study and dedication, this video gives you some good tips and tricks to make your life easier and your bird’s happier!

  • Leslye Erickson

    Something about 1 picture. Your face says it all. Crazy person? Nah. Different maybe? Perhaps. Fortunate to be surrounded by many well-behaved featherdusters? Absolutely! Where would they be if not comfortably enjoying a tryst with their fav perch? I dare to think. Thank you for sharing your moment of true sanity & for all you do for those who have found their way to Shirt Sanctuary.